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GREMALTES (Greater Madras Leprosy Treatment and Health Education Scheme) was set up in April 1971, with funding from the German Leprosy Relief Association to fight against leprosy in Chennai

GREMALTES followed the system of survey, education and treatment as the main strategy in controlling leprosy

79 out of the 155 divisions of the Corporation of Chennai, an area covering over 50% of the city, were handed over to GREMALTES for leprosy control activities

The results of our focused efforts of eliminating leprosy have led to the incidence of the disease coming down to less than 1 in10,000

While we continue to provide complete support services including reconstructive surgeries for patients, we have diversified into offering our facilities to the general public

Gremaltes Hospital Awareness & Services

Gremaltes Hospital Awareness & Services

Gremaltes Hospital Awareness & Services

Gremaltes Hospital Awareness & Services

Gremaltes Hospital Awareness & Services

48 Successful Years

We congratulate every individual, staff member, volunteer and supporter who have helped in achieving 48 successful years in the service of the poor and needy.




GREMALTES (Greater Madras Leprosy Treatment and Health Education Scheme) was set up in April 1971 in partnership with the Government with the objective of creating leprosy awareness in the community.



Once the need for in-patient services for leprosy patients was identified, the focus was on building a hospital to cater to all the needs of patients.



Due to the efficiency of the hospital and the direction provided by the founders, Gremaltes was in a position to offer other medical services to general public.

Our Goals



GREMALTES’ main aim is to control Leprosy and Tuberculosis in the community through community awareness, appropriate treatment and participation.



To generate awareness in the community regarding leprosy, tuberculosis and other stigmatized diseases; to provide quality treatment and care for them and promote sound health and wellness practices.



To be an Integrated Health Care Facility focused on persons affected by stigmatized diseases and a partner in the inclusive development of the disadvantaged people in the community.

In traditional times leprosy was the most dreaded of diseases and leprosy patients were not allowed to have any contact with other people. Better understanding and effective drugs to treat the disease have led to a different outlook on leprosy in modern times.Hansen's disease or leprosy is a mildly infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae, which is probably spread by direct contamination of the skin. The disease is known as Hansen's disease after Gerhard Hansen, a Norwegian physician (1841-1912) who first identified the bacillus.

We started the dermatology services for patients in 1981. On an average, 150 clients visit our out-patient clinic every day. This department grew significantly in the year 2005 when a range of skin diseases from the most common to the rare where treated by our doctors. We modernized our equipment in 2006, by acquiring a phototherapy unit with both UVA and narrow-band UVB. Cosmetic dermatology procedures like chemical peeling, liquid nitrogen therapy and the setting up of a new derma-procedure theatre in 2008, has doubled the number of patients coming in for treatment. Over 3,00,000 patients have been treated by this clinic so far.

The corporation of Chennai has allocated 9 divisions in Zone V with a population of over 3,00,000 to Gremaltes for RNTCP(DOTS). 1923 persons have been detected and treated since the program started in 1992. The RNTCP ensures the high quality sputum microscopy, free and high quality drugs, uninterrupted complete dosages and appropriate technical assistance. Sputum examinations during diagnosis and follow up and categorization of patients for DOTS are done as per the RNTCP guidelines. We also help the patients deal with the social and emotional aspects of this disease.

We began the ophthalmology department with the support of CBM(Christoffel Blinden Mission) who helped us procure world class equipments, accessories and consumables. This department provides services like computerised eye Testing, no stitch IOL cataract surgery, laser surgery, glaucoma check up and treatment. This programme has become very popular among in Chennai with over 39,000 persons with eye impairments having undergone treatment. 3,632 cataract surgeries with IOL have been performed.

Following an MoU between the Managements the management of Holistic Health Centre at Mogappair West, started by Rev. Sr. Muriel Fernandez was taken over by GREMALTES from 01st December, 2013 with the objective of reviving and expanding the services of the Centre for the benefit of the local community. Clinics in Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics are conducted besides Physiotherapy, Fitness Unit, Yoga and Naturpathy and holistic health services.

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