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Other Services

Dentistry - 2002

Dr. Albert Shieh, a noted dental surgeon, helped us start the dentistry clinic in 2002 with a gift of equipment. GLRA and IDF have also contributed for the procurement of new equipment for the department. Common dental procedures like Ag-amalgam restoration, root canal treatment, light cure composite restorations are done on a regular basis. Around 23,657 persons have benefited since inception. Community dental health programs in Gremaltes have helped in educating the local public about the need and importance of dental care.

Orthomobility & CBR programme - 2003

Supported by the Christoffel Blinden Mission, this programme was started in 2003 to help improve the quality of life of physically challenged persons. We provide appropriate medical and surgical intervention to help in overcoming some of the challenges faced by physically challenged persons. Based on their socio-economic back ground, we also provide the patients counseling and monitoring services. Over 250 clients have been served by this programme.

Diabetes & Hypertension - 2004

An out patient Clinic has begun functioning from June 2004 and over 4,931 persons have benefited. The clinic provides the basic investigation and monitoring facilities for the control of these life-style diseases. Pre-and Post cataract surgery, glycemic control and diabetic foot cate are available as is counselling for diet, activity, weight maintenance and self monitoring of blood glucose.

Sexually Transmitted Infections(STI) - 2004

A clinic for persons with STI has begun to function from July 2004.Totally 418 cases were seen at the STI clinic from 2004 to 2013. Pre and Post test counselling for HIV and counseling about STI prevention are done at the clinic.

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