Setting up the Hospital – 1980 to 2000

Once the need for in-patient services for leprosy patients was identified, the focus was on building a hospital to cater to all the needs of the patients. A beautiful 100 bed hospital was built through donations from the German Leprosy Relief Association and a team of qualified and committed personnel were appointed to provide treatment to the leprosy patients. This hospital had facilities to take care of all the complications arising out of the disease. This was done through the services of physiotherapy care, reconstructive surgery, laboratory investigations and hospitalization for needy leprosy patients.

In this time, GREMALTES worked with the Government in their fight against leprosy. GREMALTES was actively involved in health education, early diagnosis, reconstructive surgeries, socio-economic rehabilitation and training of medical and paramedical personnel to combat the prevalence of the disease. The focus was to facilitate the medical and social healing of the individuals afflicted with leprosy.

GREMALTES performed over 1,429 reconstructive surgeries for leprosy patients. Over 35,000 protective MCR foot wear were distributed. Hundreds of other orthopedic aids and appliances were provide to need leprosy patients.

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